Using your data

This website uses cookies to track visitors and the pages they visit via Google Analytics. It also uses them to track logged in users. You can disable cookies if you like and the site should work fine (although you won’t be able to log in and perform tasks that require it).

ItĀ also keeps a track of what people are searching for. This is to help improve the user experience and cannot be opted out from. It records your IP address and you can mask this fairly easily. If you register as a user, which enables you to perform certain tasks on the database and add content (eventually), we will require some personal details including your email address. None of this data will ever be given to any third party under any circumstances. I reserve the right to use contact information to contact people as deemed necessary, but not for any purpose than to inform individuals about this website and anything related to it.

I’m not in the data harvesting business and have no interest in funding the website in that way, I can assure you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on jamesgraham*at*partyfunding*dot*uk.

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