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The core data on this website is taken¬†directly from the Electoral Commission website and the purpose of this website is to publish those registers. If this data is inaccurate in any way, I¬†will be happy to correct it, if those changes are confirmed by the Electoral Commission. Please take the matter up with them, or the political party, individual or organisation which reported the information to them directly. I’m afraid that I cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this data myself, although if this website is for whatever reason not republishing this data accurately for whatever reason, I will of course correct that at the earliest opportunity.

One of the tools on this website allows registered users to merge the records of two or more distinct funder records. This is intended to be restricted to merging the records where, for whatever reason, the contributions of an individual or organisation has been listed as coming from multiple individuals. These changes are clearly marked on the website, and are reversible. If any records have been erroneously merged, I will be happy to reverse this.

Finally, the website is intended to allow users to add their own related information to the pages of funders and regulated recipients. This is vetted and I shall be making reasonable efforts to maintain the veracity of this information. Again, if inaccuracies arise from this, I will be happy to correct them.

If you want to see a correction made, please contact me on jamesgraham*at*partyfunding*dot*uk.

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