Current version: 0.4 (27 February):

  • Added loans register
  • Fixed problem with dataTables not appearing on load

Past versions:

0.3 (20 February 2015):

  • Added facility for user generated links for funder and recipient pages (built)
  • Allowed users to add tags to funder and recipient pages to allow for them to be grouped together (in progress)
  • Removed boxes and replace with tabs on all pages for improved presentation

0.25 (4 February 2015)

  • Quarterly and Annual summary pages
  • Increased functionality and speed of chart tool for funder and recipient pages
  • Ajaxified search page

0.2 (27 January 2015):

  • Add pages for each individual donation register entry so they can be properly scrutinised for accuracy.
  • Search list of donees (political parties, accounting units, third parties, permitted participants and regulated donees)
  • Basic donee page
  • Add charts to donee and funder pages
  • AJAX tables for faster loading

0.15 (21 January 2015):

  • Tweaked search bar design and added recently popular funders

0.1 (20 January 2015):

  • Search list of funders
  • Basic funder page
  • Users can merge records of funders if they are of the same individual or organisation
  • Top donors page

Planned updates (subject to change):


  • Include loan totals in AU list on political party page


  • Include tags in search
  • Allow users to flag up issues with individual donation and loan register entries.
  • Allow users to add comments to funder and recipient pages
  • Add facility for user generated descriptions (wiki)


  • Allow users to upload images to funder and recipient pages


  • Add election spending to political party, third party and permitted participant pages


  • Add statements of accounts summaries to political party and accounting unit pages
  • Build tool to allow merged funder IDs to be separated


  • Add facility for users to enter statement of accounts data manually


  • Throughout, I will be continuing to attempt to improve the user interface and how data is presented on this site. In addition, I’ll be developing a number of caching tools, which should make the website run more quickly. Any advice and feedback would be gratefully received.
  • Add “level of donation” category to chart tool
  • Add option to weight amounts by CPI and RPI to chart tool
  • Add option to select multiple parties / types to chart tool
  • Sort out problem with ScrollX function in dataTables screwing up tables on load

Resources used:

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