Loans register now added

You can now search for lenders, and lender details are included on the party reports and recipient pages. As with funders, if you are logged in, you can also suggest merging similarly named lenders.

I’ve treated “lenders” and “funders” as interchangeable, and so they have the same details pages. In many cases, funders are also lenders (for example, Stephen Lloyd MP).

One quirk that I’ve picked up on is the fact that loans which are converted into donations, don’t appear on the donations register. This surprised me, and I would have thought that someone converting a loan into a donation will end up receiving a lot less scrutiny than someone making a straightforward donation. So, although the addition of the loans register in 2006 is a significant improvement on the situation that lead to the cash for honours scandal, it still isn’t ideal. I’m thinking about how I might make these conversions more explicit; any suggestions would be welcome.

The next big jobĀ on my list is to return to the user generated content, and allow users to add descriptions to funder, recipient and tag pages. But before I do this, I want to take some time out and apply for some grants. I’m unemployed and doing this project entirely using my own resources at the moment; if it is to continue, I really need to get some funding of my own (if you’re interested in helping in this respect, please do email me via james *at* partyfunding *dot* uk – be aware that I’ll be reporting any sources of funding on this website in the interests of transparency).

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