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Version 0.3 is live: tabs, tags and links!

The latest version of the Party Funding database is now live, which has also been updated with the latest donations register published by the Electoral Commission, which was published yesterday.

There are three new features which have been added to this version:

  • Links: logged in users can now add links to funder and recipient pages.
  • Tags: logged in users can now tag funder and recipient pages. They can also add links to specific tags.
  • Better organisation: I’ve replaced the boxes with information in them on the donor and recipient pages, and replaced them with tabbed dividers. I was concerned that¬†people were only spotting the top level information and missing the rest of the data. It should also now be more accessible on mobile devices.

The tagging feature in particular will allow users to organise all items on the database in a more useful way. For example, I’ve created a “Michael Ashcroft” tag which links his personal donations with that of his wife, Susan Antstey and Bearwood Corporate Services Ltd. I’m also intending to use tags for more generic purposes, such as listing celebrities and some of the more famous party funding controversies. But of course, it’s open to anyone else to help with the taxonomy. Please do have a play with it!

There is a bit of a grey area between donor records which I’ve merged, and ones which I’m intending to tag. For example, should all contributions¬†from a specific trade union be listed as just coming from that one union, or should contributions from regional branches be listed separately, and tagged? I’m currently in two minds about that one, and would welcome feedback.

This update was a bit longer in coming than I would have liked – hence my lack of readiness for when the register was published yesterday. Apologies; I found that I had managed to break my log in system and had to pull the entire website apart trying to figure out how I did it! On the plus side, adding the new donations register went very smoothly (although there are some weird records which I am currently trying to get to the bottom of).

Next: it is long overdue the time I incorporated the loans register, so that will be my next task.

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